Max Baucus Unveils His Well Being Treatment Plan

Just like ObamaCare the Post Office is speaking about rationing service. And just like ObamaCare the Publish Workplace has loss of life panels. Saturday mail shipping and delivery is scheduled to die any day now.

To be entirely honest to authorities, health care is not the only location they have mismanaged expenses, think about the list below. It was the US federal government lack of oversight and mismanagement of the initial merchandise in the list that bankrupted nearly all the globe economies.

The new authorities health care passed simply because of anti abortion stipulations. At minimum this is what our authorities is telling us. Don't believe them. This new Obamacare is like a new built house (framed) and ready for its ending touches. Don't arrive crying to me( if) in the long term you are nonetheless paying for abortions via this new government health care. It could occur (and will happen) if liberal Democrats are allowed to place the ending touches into Obamacare Enrollment Center. It is time to send some of the Democrats house this November. If we don't, I guarantee you you will be paying for abortions (via government health care) in the close to future.

Consider the elements of this ideal storm situation already brewing - skyrocketing insurance coverage deductibles, ridiculously high co-payments, insurance rates in the stratosphere, an aging population, a shortage of main care providers, a authorities that is broke, a populace becoming much more obese, and an economy in a economic downturn. Warning, warning take shelter instantly!!!!!!!

Do you agree with a Nationwide ID card? Do you want your eye's scanned or your entire life on an ID card? This is real, this is these days, happening in The united states now! Dan Stein was on Tv talking, this 7 days,about this heading to Washington and ultimately obtaining it passed Helath Insurance . Stein is utilizing the "Immigration" as the purpose on this try as well.

High unemployment is environment up a snowball effect - a vicious circle cycle of layoffs on more layoffs. Individuals don't buy as a lot. Then businesses have to hearth more info much more workers simply because sales are sluggish. This is the "Multiplier Effect" in economics in reverse. Look it up. It feeds on by itself. Plus, it goes a great deal quicker on the way down than on the way up. No one, such as the federal government, can quit the deflation pendulum from swinging all the way to melancholy.

The globe economy actually peaked with the dot com stock market climax blow-off top in 2000. Initial real estate tanked in 2006. Then stock markets the globe over experienced a large thirteen year top. Lately, gold seems to have topped out with a reflation higher of $1,912 per ounce. Subsequent, bond prices will tank as the curiosity rate rises and incredibly the value of the U.S. dollar will soar. How can that be?

Perhaps none of the above wishful ideas will come to fruition in 2011. My most wishful thought, that Barack Hussein Obama will lastly fess up to becoming a full-fledged fraud-much more of that alliteration people!-and resign and retire with Michelle and his brood to Hawaii or Kenya or Indonesia is also an improbability.

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